STEVE POWER: Sir Alex wouldn't like it at all

Dyson has recently revealed its first hair care product; a hairdryer costing £299 that claims to be quieter than a conventional machine, and kinder to hair. So does this now mean if football managers give their players '˜the hairdryer treatment' at half -time, they'll have to speak more quietly and be nicer to everyone? It won't quite be the same, will it?

Saturday, 7th May 2016, 6:00 am
Sir Alex Ferguson having a moan at Cristiano Ronaldo

n Have you ever suffered from ‘gadget confusion’? Here is an example of what I mean.

A friend was listening to his iPod on the train into work and the album he was listening to appeared to be on shuffle, which he didn’t want. He wanted to listen to the songs in the correct order. So he grabbed his iPod absent-mindedly and started touching the screen while not looking at it, to stop the album and play it in order. But nothing happened. He then kept pressing the screen in order to get the album to stop, and did this for about 20 seconds with no success.

It wasn’t until he looked at what he thought was his iPod, to discover that he had actually picked his iPhone out of his bag! Gadget confusion, it’s starting to happen a lot now. Watch out for it!

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n I think some of the most awkward conversations take place at a barbecue if you happen to attend one with a vegetarian. This is because you don’t know whether to apologise to them for stuffing your face with a burger while talking to them, or you don’t know whether to apologise to them for the lack of food options they’re faced with. It is basically coleslaw, salad and tomato ketchup in a roll, or if you’re relying on them to have brought their own Quorn burgers, these are usually eaten by all the meat-eaters because they look like the beef burgers.

Another faux pas is you never know whether you should cook their Quorn burgers or veggie sausages on the barbecue, because there’s a chance some of the meat juices left on the grill will seep into them. Basically what I’m saying is should we have the right to refuse to invite our veggie friends to barbecues because of the awkwardness it causes? We should at least have a set of rules to follow when we’re in this situation so that neither guest is put in this position!