STEVE POWER: Snakes and spiders? My school was so rough we had them as class pets

A loving, friendly tarantula
A loving, friendly tarantula
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Apparently he wasn’t worried about the boa constrictor posing a threat to teachers either. To be fair when I went to school, it was so rough we had animals like that as class pets!

o A leading GP has warned that the NHS is wasting a ′ludicrous′ £25m each year prescribing gluten-free food to patients.

Personally I think the NHS has seen it as a challenge.

I mean, it must be almost impossible to make hospital food even more tasteless than it already is, but with gluten-free hospital food I reckon they can manage it…

o Bearing in mind the high cost of beer, wine and spirits in pubs, has anyone ever worked out how much wonky pub tables have cost us in lost booze?

I reckon its thousands of pounds each.

In fact, I’m starting to think wonky tables are the real reason that so many pubs are closing in Britain.

People are fed up of sitting round a pub table, leaning slightly on it with one hand and then finding about a third of the contents of their drink has spilled all over the place. In some cases you’d spill less booze if the pub was at the epicentre of a major earthquake.

I’ve now realised that the only reason pubs put beer mats on their tables, is so you’ve got something to fold up and stick under the dodgy table leg to stop it moving.

At the very least what pub landlords could do if they’ve got a wonky table, is attach some sort of rim round it that collects all the spilt booze, so that it doesn’t go over people’s clothes.

o Here is the single best way you can tell if the posh delicatessen you’re shopping in is a little bit too pretentious. They don’t just sell ‘sea salt, they sell various different salts from all different seas.