STEVE POWER: Top idea for a BBC quiz show

'Great idea! If they guess how much more than me the Beeb's stars earn they win the loot'
'Great idea! If they guess how much more than me the Beeb's stars earn they win the loot'
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This committee of MPs has said that the BBC should name its stars who earn more than the prime minister.

Anyone else reckon the BBC will do this but only when they’ve thought up the format for a new quiz show where people will have to guess who is the highest earner? Then if the contestant guesses all of them correctly, they win the salary of the top earner!

n My mate was in a newly furnished Co-op food store the other day, perusing the aisles and sections nicely signposted with modern-looking signs hanging from the ceiling telling you where stuff is, like you’d expect. But he got really confused by one, which is apparently quite common in all their stores. One of the aisles just said ‘Ingredients’ and he thought that’s a bit generic, isn’t it? It is meant to refer to stuff for baking like flour and eggs, but surely ALL food is an ingredient depending on what you’re making? Can you be a bit more specific with your labelling please?

n In this age of train ticket buying apps and websites etc., does anyone else find it a bit weird that guards on trains still just scribble on your ticket with an old biro to show they’ve seen it? You’d have thought they would have some computerised equipment to scan the ticket with wouldn’t you? Especially given the outrageous price they’ve charged us for it.

n Research in New York has suggested that flossing your teeth is a waste of time, as it doesn’t get rid of plaque or protect the gums from disease. I think it does have some benefits though like using up the world’s supply of nylon thread. Nobody wants more nylon clothes in the world do they?

n A convicted fraudster, who conned U2 bassist Adam Clayton out of over two million pounds, has been pictured out on day release, four years into her seven-year sentence. Can you imagine what she’d do when she eventually gets released?

She has experience in taking millions of pounds out of the pockets of top selling musicians, so I’m guessing she’ll end up working for Spotify then.