Steve Power: Where did I put that towel?

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Do you ever wonder if the main reason you’re feeling miserable during the day is because you got dressed too quickly in the morning after having a shower, and you didn’t completely dry yourself before you put your clothes on? I reckon this is one of those little things that just makes you uncomfortable for hours.

Another example of this is putting on short socks that slip down your shoe and end up under your heel. Seriously, if you want to feel better just take those extra few seconds to dry yourself properly when getting out of the shower.

Or be like me and just don’t have one.

n British wine has won 120 medals in the International Wine Challenge 2016. Two things struck me about this news.

The first is that however good British wine is, we will always think it’s rubbish. Just like British food, it’s ingrained in us to think it’s abysmal. Secondly, if you’re going to call something a ‘ Wine Challenge,’ a Brit will always think it shouldn’t be about the taste of the wine, and that it should be about how much of the stuff you can drink before passing out!

n After targeting the health-conscious, Greggs has seen a rise in sales of boxed salads, falafel, noodles and flat white coffee in their stores.

I don’t see why they have to go to all that trouble of bringing in new food ranges to attract pretentious people with more cash. All they have to do is just give their basic products a French-sounding name. So for instance, the sausage roll becomes ‘rouleau de saucisse’ and the steak bake becomes the ‘biftek tranche’. It works every time.

n Do you ever take a plate or saucepan out of your dishwasher at home and think ‘that’s just too clean?’ There is something a bit suspicious about these machines, isn’t there?

It makes me think that they’re using something inside dishwashers that isn’t soap, but some weird alien cleaner.

Plates and kitchen utensils just shouldn’t be that pristine. I want my stuff clean, not like I just bought it again!