Stick with Awfs and judge him when it’s his own team

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Happy new year to you all and welcome to 2015. I wonder what this year will hold for us?

It’s going to be a fascinating year, especially with May’s General Election.

I’ve made a wish list for the year ahead for all of us living the The News area.

To start, obviously I was hoping 2015 would see the rise of Portsmouth FC again, but it’s a disappointing season so far.

Saying that, I would like the club to stick with Andy Awford.

He knows Pompey through and through and has been handicapped by the fact he cannot buy players in the transfer market.

Surely he can only be judged when he can put his own team out?

Two big disappointments in 2014 were the news that HMS Illustrious will leave her home port for good and the promised Northern Quarter city centre shopping development will not materialise.

Both are a crying shame as they would be fantastic for not only the economy of the city and its continued rise in popularity, but also its kudos.

Let’s hope those decisions can be changed.

Maybe May’s election will see increased vigour in the quest to put Portsmouth well and truly on the map and not be defeated at the first hurdle.

Over in my home town of Gosport, I’m also hoping for a progressive 2015.

The redevelopment of the bus station is long overdue and would be the perfect place for restaurants and a cinema.

The town has always seemed like Portsmouth’s poorer cousin, living in the shadows of the naval city.

For me, there is a lot of untapped potential in the town and it would only take a wise developer to realise this.

In my mind, I’m sure the well over 100,000 people living to the west of the harbour would prefer to use a shopping and entertainment complex in Gosport rather than endure the traffic of the A32 and M275.

Just a few of my wishes for 2015. And if none of these can be granted, can I have one other wish instead?

Can they start using traffic sensing lights by the new KFC on the A32?

I hate stopping for nothing!