Still a feast, but not at midnight

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The time had come for Molly to set off, bag packed and brimming with excitement, for her first ever girly night out.

We thought she’d regard the news of mummy and daddy going away for the weekend as a little disappointing.

Being an opportunistic little devil, she soon turned this bitter news into something palatably sweeter though by convincing us that this was the perfect opportunity for a girly sleepover at a friend’s house.

The cogs of mayhem spinning in her mind were visible as she planned all the chaos she would have.

And then, the light bulb moment…’Daddy can we have a midnight feast?’

Being a caring sort, I obligingly went along with the sneaky plan, knowing that other parents would have to deal with the chocolate-induced aftermath.

Not surprisingly, the feast never quite happened, let alone at midnight.

Just picture her little face when she woke up the next morning to see the pile of treats still intact.

Cheated out of the midnight party, she was still happy to devour the lot for breakfast!