Stones don’t change

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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After 30 years of wrangling, a new Stonehenge visitor centre has opened and, apparently, one of the exhibits inside it shows what Stonehenge would have looked like 5,000 years ago.

Now, I’m no expert, but surely Stonehenge 5,000 years ago would have looked pretty much like it looks now.

A few less cracks in the stones maybe, but surely not a lot different.

And even if Stonehenge wasn’t built back then, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think what it might have looked like without the stones.

It would have just been another empty field, wouldn’t it? But with a few bored-looking Druids standing around maybe.

This visitor centre cost £30m apparently. I just hope that it’s got a decent café.