Stop nannying us and let us make our own choices

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If I went out in the street and asked the first 50 people I saw whether they thought smoking was anything other than a serious risk to health, I expect all of them, without exception, would say no.

It’s pretty much a given. There’s little in this world that is more likely to seriously diminish the chances of living a long life than smoking.

But addiction is a terrible thing. If you can’t afford to smoke, you’ll find the money.

If you’re worried about your health, you’ll smoke to get over the stress. If you’re stopped from smoking when you really want a cigarette, you’ll begin to climb the walls.

If none of that was true, then giving up smoking wouldn’t be such big business.

It’s already been banned in pubs and clubs, to save the non-smokers from inhaling second-hand nastiness.

And now the government wants to pass a law to ban it in cars when there are children in them.

Most parents would do anything to keep their children safe from harm.

Ask those 50 random people in the street whether smoking around a child is a good idea and I suspect they will all say no.

Because we all know that exposing delicate young lungs to tar and other toxins isn’t a great idea.

So most parents will know that smoking in a car with their children in it is opening them up to all sorts of health problems in later life.

We know a lot more now about the dangers of second-hand smoke than we did even 20 years ago when television personality Roy Castle died of lung cancer.

He always maintained that it came from passive smoking.

So if an addiction is so strong that it will make a parent put their child in harm’s way by smoking in the car with them, a law which stretches our overworked police forces even more probably isn’t going to make a difference.

It won’t save NHS cash in the future, it won’t save lives, and it absolutely won’t stop those who are addicted to the evil weed.

Stop nannying us and let us make our own choices.