Stop waking me up with these texts!

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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You imbeciles!’ I was shouting out at 4.52am last Friday morning. And at 4.54am I was shouting ‘you blithering idiots’, or words to that effect.

What had disturbed my slumbers twice? My mobile phone service provider Orange was sending marketing texts at these unearthly hours and waking me up. Grrr, I’m fed up of being bombarded by advertisers on my mobile, landline and in the post.

You can guarantee if you’re busy and the landline rings, you rush to answer it – and silence. Then an automated message starts. Aaarggh.

I usually just slam down the phone receiver, but I’ve been told you should speak otherwise your number stays in the computer and you’ll be contacted again.

Now national newspapers and magazines are full of junk mail. I just shake it all out and leave it in the shop.