Story of MH370 is turning into a disaster movie plot

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It is fast becoming the biggest unsolved mystery in the history of our modern world.

What happened to Malaysian Airways flight MH370?

I can be monitored walking through Gosport High Street and catching a ferry to Portsmouth. GPS from my mobile phone, CCTV, satellites and other devices can be used.

So how can a Boeing 777 carrying 239 people simply disappear?

The conspiracy theorists are having a field day. My favourite so far is that the entire aircraft was plucked out of the sky by a UFO.

After a lengthy search of millions of square miles, no debris has been discovered over what should have been the flight path.

As time goes on, more theories arise. Has the aircraft been hijacked and were the pilots involved?

Did they cut the communication cords and has the aircraft landed on a remote island in the Pacific?

The Boeing 777 is an excellent aircraft with a near exemplary record. A twin-engined, high-capacity aircraft, it is cheaper to run than the ‘jumbo jet’ 747, but can still carry passengers over long distances.

Aeroplanes don’t just fall out of the sky either. An Air France A330 fell into the Atlantic, but this was because of ice crystals obstructing instrumentation, causing the auto-pilot to disengage.

Pilot error was then blamed for the aircraft stalling, in essence falling from the sky with the nose pointing up.

I so hope the Malaysian Airways plane did not break up in flight. I feel for those on board and their families, but the domino effect would surely affect people’s confidence in flight, including mine.

As more information is released, I cannot help but think this is all turning into one giant disaster movie plot.

A ‘baddie’ has hijacked the plane; no-one knows how or where and Q has summoned James Bond to MI5 to sort out the mess.

Either that or Bruce Willis is being brought out of retirement.

Seriously, I do hope the plane has landed somewhere, all are safe and there is a good outcome to the story of MH370. But sadly that may be wishful thinking.