Stranger’s kindness ought to be an example to us all

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All is not lost. Having begun to question our sense of community and how people behave towards each other in this day and age, my faith in human nature has been well and truly restored – thanks to a very kind stranger.

Let me explain. I was on the train to London this week when I began to feel really sick (and no, I’m not pregnant).

I think it was the fact that I was working on a laptop on the train. I’m not the best traveller as it is – I get travel sick in planes, trains and automobiles. So I really should have known better, but when duty calls what do you do?

Feeling faint, I waited for 40 minutes for the refreshments trolley to finally make its way to my carriage.

I suppose it was my fault for always sitting right at the front of the train (it’s more peaceful there). But I was desperate for some water.

I can’t tell you how close I was to actually being sick. I had the most beautiful pink dress and killer heels on, so I was desperate to avoid what was quickly becoming a big problem.

Anyway, the trolley man pulled up and informed me that they don’t accept card payments. What century are we living in?

He also said there was no tap water available on board and was unprepared to offer me any help – other than to give me a paper sandwich bag if I was going to be ill.

I was now about to faint with sickness and stress when this lovely lady sat in front pulled the man aside and handed him £1.50 for some water to give to me.

By then I was almost in tears for several reasons – 1) her kindness 2) I couldn’t believe a little bottle of water was so blimmin’ expensive and 3) my faith in people had been restored.

She didn’t know me and she’ll probably never see me again. Yet she was prepared to help a damsel in distress and I honestly couldn’t have been more grateful.

Thankfully I arrived in London with my dignity and outfit intact. As I stepped off the train and thanked her one more time for her kindness, she looked round and said: ‘It’s the least I could do to help you. Why wouldn’t I?’

I smiled to myself and thought about the simplicity and honesty of this statement. What an example to us all.