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Some of those planning street parties for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will remember taking part in almost identical events 60 years ago.

They would have been children when they took to the streets in 1952 to wave their flags, wear their Union Jack hats and eat jelly and ice cream.

Back then they were celebrating the Queen’s Coronation and by now the photos from that day will be starting to fade.

Today many of them will be pensioners – or at least approaching retirement – as they get ready to honour the same woman’s diamond anniversary.

The years may have left them older, but we know they’ll throw themselves into the spirit of this summer’s celebrations. Such is the unique nature of what this country is about to witness.

Six decades on the throne is an extraordinary achievement indeed.

And the fact that so many people in Portsmouth and surrounding areas want to mark that should make us all very proud.

This city has had the highest number of street party applications outside London, showing that we’re in the mood for a day to remember.

We’re pleased that our local councils have made an effort to encourage residents to throw a community party over the Jubilee weekend.

All have seen fit to waive road closure fees and Portsmouth has even set aside money to help pay for insurance and signs.

There are bound to be some who don’t want to take part in marking this joyful occasion. But they should not begrudge others celebrating, or being given the tools to have a good time.

The scenes of jubilation we saw across our communities when street parties were thrown to mark the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were a sight to behold.

These parties are a great opportunity for communities to come together.

It’s not too late to start organising your party.

And we can’t wait for you to tell us all about how you’re planning to mark the Diamond Jubilee.