Students and OAPs all got an eyeful of me in mid-stream

You might seen at A&E if you're a zombie from The Walking Dead...

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Major embarrassment time. My worst nightmare happened recently while I was in Starbucks.

I was enjoying a latte on a busy Saturday when a very loud woman with three annoying kids plonked herself down opposite me.

So I downed my drink and headed to the toilet. I thought I’d locked the cubicle, but while I was in mid-stream the door burst open and six Chinese students stood there gawping at me,while a group of OAPs in the raised seating area nearly spat out their coffees as they all got a flash of me with my drawers around my ankles.

I quickly covered up and, rather red-faced, hastily left the cafe.

The one saving grace was at least I was wearing my best undies and not my M&S big pants!