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The waiting is over and the moment thousands of our A-level students have been waiting for has come and gone.

Today we share with you just some of the success stories that demonstrate how much yesterday meant to everyone with exam results to collect.

The smiles on their faces say it all and we’re delighted to reveal the inspirational tales behind another year of record results.

Of course, results day isn’t just about the hard work of the students themselves. It’s also a testament to the dedication of our teachers and schools. Family members and friends have a lot to feel proud about too as their love, patience and support will have played an invaluable part.

None of that takes anything away from the students and we hope they’re still basking in the glow of satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve done well.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will have got the grades they need. School staff now have a role to play in making sure their students get the help they need to make the right decisions for the future.

Yet plenty of students will be heading for their first or second choice universities and nothing should diminish that for them.

Some people had been critical of the new A* grade but with results getting better year by year, this new gold-standard mark means that the most academically gifted students do at least get the recognition they deserve.

With record numbers of students wanting to take up university places this year, we know that the last few months will have been difficult.

Competition has been tougher than ever, as those wishing to carry on their education know that delaying entry will only bring them face to face with the higher tuition fees set to come in.

Next year’s crop of A-level students will have some very difficult choices to make but for now the focus should be on the future of this year’s exam-sitters.

We wish all those who were disappointed the best for the coming days and weeks. And to those now looking forward to a bright future, we say well done.