Subterfuge to hide presents

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This month, my eldest daughter Caitlin turned the ripe old age of six.

She is one of the lucky ones because if the school term dates don’t change, her birthday will always fall in the school summer holidays.

When it’s her birthday she’ll never have to wake up and put on her school uniform and she’s more likely to have glorious sunshine when she celebrates another year on planet Earth.

However, there is one problem with her birthday falling during the school summer holidays, but it’s not so much an issue for her as for me and her mum.

The challenge is to find an opportunity to sneak into the house with her birthday presents.

We have to be clever and keep her attention to one part of the house, leaving the path clear from the front door to a hiding place for the presents so we can make a quick dash without her seeing.

Then comes the next challenge: where to hide the presents.

Let’s just say that we’ve had to stop all games of hide-and-seek for a few days, just in case.