Sucked in by a shopping video - when will I learn? | Lou Hannan

I’ve fallen for it again, haven’t I?I’ve been sucked in by one of those pesky shopping videos that popped up on the internet.Somehow writing about it makes it all the more embarrassing yet the aim is for me to exorcise my addiction to buying complete rubbish off the web.

Monday, 3rd February 2020, 1:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 10:17 am
Wonder towel? Nope...

My latest useless purchase is a so-called miracle towel.

Picture the scene. I’m scrolling through Facebook and up pops a video of a woman with long brown hair standing in her bathroom and donning her pink ‘miracle towel’.

She wraps up her hair, turban-style, and stands with a speeded-up shot of a timer as it whizzes through to three minutes.

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She unwraps the towel and… hey presto… her hair is bone dry looking like she’s just stepped out of a salon!

With my new routine of rising at 4.20am and attempting to get up, showered and off to work in 40 minutes, I honestly thought this invention would be the answer to all my prayers.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…

Clicking on the link and entering my payment details for the £3.99 purchase price (free postage and packing included, I’ll have you know), I spent the next three days patiently waiting for my wonder towel to arrive.

When I came to unwrap it, my first moment of disappointment arose when I saw something that resembled two flannels sewn together with a button. Comparing it to the ad, I was not sure whether it was even the same item.

However, I persevered thinking it didn’t matter what it looked like, it was promising to dry my hair in three minutes without the aid of a hairdryer.

I bounced into the shower, washed my hair and could hardly contain my excitement as I grabbed my new purchase, wrapped my hair in it and then stepped out of the shower waiting for it to work its magic.

Clearly I was a little sceptical so I decided to give it five minutes instead of the advertised three.

I gingerly unwrapped the towel to look at my salon-like locks and, guess what?

Yep… my hair was still wringing wet. You didn't really have to guess did you?

What was it PT Barnum said? There’s a sucker born every minute!