Suicidal defending from a defender who should know better

Aaron Mokoena took a gamble for Preston's equaliser
Aaron Mokoena took a gamble for Preston's equaliser
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On the balance of play and the possession, you might argue that Pompey deserved to win on Saturday.

But the first half was not one of the better performances this season.

Preston kept it ultra-simple and Iain Hume was clever to get into spaces where the full-back had vacated when they went forward.

It was two points dropped but I didn’t think it would be anything other than a real battle.

To concede a goal like that from a counter-attack from our own corner was poor.

Pompey shot themselves in the foot with the way they gave them the first goal.

It was suicidal defending from someone who should know better and has so much experience.

It was ridiculous. Aaron Mokoena made the decision to step up and he has to hold his hands up.

As a defender, you can’t gamble in that situation.

If you are in any doubt at all, you have to drop off and chase back – particularly when the player has good possession of the ball.

You have to be 100-per-cent sure, and you have to be able to see the full-backs and everything ahead of you before you can step up like that.

But I think Ricardo Rocha was a big loss with his organisation and positioning.

It was a good set-piece to get the equaliser.

Hayden Mullins beat the first man with the corner, which David Cotterill hadn’t done previously, and it was key.

It was a free header for Greg Halford, but it was good movement from him.

And once that goal had gone in, you could see the nervousness in Preston’s play, so it was a shame Pompey couldn’t quite capitalise on that.

Halford had a couple of other headers and there was the one other chance from a great little ball from Dave Kitson to put David Nugent in down the left and Joel Ward was unlucky at the far post to not quite get on the end of it.

Other than that, I can’t think of too many other chances.

But the key moment was the double substitution.

It was needed at the right time.

Kanu gives you a focus to get the ball down and pass it, and Carl Dickinson did well when he came on and added some energy and drive.

For me, Hume was the man of the match and Pompey had Jamie Ashdown to thank for making one excellent save, in particular, to keep him out.

It was a brilliant stop.

Some people might have been expecting an easy game because Preston are down at the bottom of the table. It’s not always that easy.

Preston had endeavour and spirit and were hard to play against. Pompey will be disappointed by their overall performance, though.