Summer games? I’d rather have a mini egg and wine

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The other weekend I found myself playing a game of rounders at my son’s Sea Cadets family barbecue.

A few beers had been consumed when one of the parents suggested an impromptu game.

It requires absolutely zero levels of fitness, but you do need to think and be strategic

It was girls v boys and I think the boys won, though only just.

Normally I shy away from playing summer games and prefer to watch other people running around while I enjoy nibbles and a cold beer.

Last year, whilst holidaying in Cornwall, a massive group of fellow campers suggested playing rounders on the sandy beach when the tide went out.

My wife and kids were very excited by this and pleaded with me to get involved. But I was having none of this behaviour.

I was on my holidays and running around with lots of competitive dads wasn’t my idea of fun.

I decided I was better off sitting in my beach tent enjoying another mini egg and a glass of wine.

Well perhaps I’m mellowing in my old age because I can honestly say last week’s rounders was really good fun.

The only problem was I failed to hit the ball. I blame the person bowling.

Lou: I love a summer game. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not the slightest bit sporty – if I attempt to run anywhere I will inevitably get a stitch within 20 seconds maximum.

However, there’s something very charming and rather British about everyone piling outside on to the lawn for a game of rounders or a quick knockabout with the croquet set.

A few years ago, while on holiday in France, my boyfriend discovered a game called Molkky. It originates from Finland and is essentially a kind of skittle game, but each has a number and you need to try to get a score of 50.

I won’t explain the entire rulebook here, but it’s a truly brilliant game.

It’s relatively simple and requires absolutely zero level of fitness, but you do need to think and be strategic.

Absolutely anyone can play and everyone who tries it seems to love it.

I reckon even Jez could get on board with Molkky, but only because anybody who takes part can sit down 80 per cent of the time!