Sun, sea and 1950s music was perfect combination

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We really are a nation of moaners.

We Brits love nothing more than a good old whinge and I’m partial to the occasional one myself.

But I think that we need to try to become more positive and start praising the things that are good.

So let me begin by saying how fantastic I thought last Sunday’s music down at the bandstand on Southsea seafront was.

Organised by the city council, it was the first of many planned events down there over the summer and I have to say I thought it was excellent.

I’d known of the bandstand for years, but had never really given it much consideration. Then my sister’s fiancé, Shaun, decided to rally the troops (the Gibbs clan) and organise a good family get-together.

So at the weekend we descended on the bandstand to listen to the music.

Now I don’t know if it was because the sun was shining, people were clearly having a good time or the music was 1950s-style, but I loved it!

The Jive Aces, supported by The Stardust, were absolutely incredible and totally my kind of music.

From the moment they kicked off their set until they walked off the stage (after lots of ‘one more’ calls from the excited crowd) they had people dancing, jiving, rock ’n’ rolling and bopping away.

It was also brilliant to see that so many people had gone to the effort of dressing up in 1950s attire.

I’m gutted I didn’t – particularly as I have a full 1950s outfit left over from my birthday last year.

My friends always take the mickey out of me for my 30th being so ‘old skool’.

But I’m forever listening to 1950s music – whether it’s washing up in the kitchen, working out at the gym or driving in my car, you’ll always hear a bit of Sam Cooke, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly or Eddie Cochrane blaring away.

There’s really nothing like listening to Sam Cooke’s Twisting The Night Away when you’re out running.

So Sunday’s concert was absolutely perfect for me. Thank you city council, as me and the rest of the crowd down there had a wonderful day.

Bring on the next one!