Sunshine's got me thinking it's time that I went topless

As the temperature rises and the sun shines brightly, I wish I'd bought a convertible car.

Thursday, 21st July 2016, 6:01 am
Olly Murs

You may remember I bought a Vauxhall Astra at the start of the year and talked about badge snobbery.

I suppose you get a similar thing with clothes and labels.

Well, I couldn’t care less if it was Armani or George at Asda.

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My verdict on the motor? The Astra has turned out to be an absolute little belter.

I’ve owned BMWs, VWs, Mercedes, the list goes on, but this average family hatchback is a delight to drive.

Perfect for my commute to work, she’s nippy and light. I also think she’s the best-looking of all the small family cars.

Another plus is that she’s cheap to run and maintain.

With the premium badge comes the premium service charges.

But it’s only worth it if there’s a massive engine under the bonnet!

My friends take the mickey out of me, as I do tend to change my cars often. Seven months in and surely it’s time for a new model, they say.

In this weather, maybe they’re right. I can’t help but notice how much fun these convertibles really are.

I’m sure our kids would love being in the back with the wind in their hair.

All the major manufacturers make them and there are plenty of bargains. A 10-year-old Renault Megane with solid retractable roof is just over £1,000.

But there is a downside to open-top life. How often in the UK can you go topless? It seems to me there are only a handful of days each month in the summer when you can.

Sunny winter days are very pleasant with the heating on full.

But apart from that, are you wasting your money?

I think not. The joy of having the roof down on a sunny day outweighs the days when it stays firmly locked in the up position.

I only have one issue with convertible car drivers, though.

On a hot, sunny day, some of you drive with roof up, windows closed and air-con on.

Are you mad?


Olly Murs came into the radio station earlier this week for an interview and to play live.

It’s always so much better when an artist comes in rather than talks ‘down the line’.

Olly met throngs of fans who were outside the station waiting for him.

He happily stopped for selfies and even left video messages for people on their phones.

For me, this kind of attitude will only endear him to his fans and the media.

Aloof stars who demand the earth, won’t come in person and won’t answer questions on certain subjects are really not worth the time of day.

Adele is another artist who gives so much back to her fans.

It’s the only way.


One of the most famous stages of the Tour de France ended in farce when race leader Chris Froome had to run up Mount Ventoux after Froome’s former Team Sky colleague Richie Porte collided with a camera motorbike, causing others to crash.

The bike had appeared to stop suddenly in front of the riders after a spectator got in its way.

Thousands line the route to the top of this 16km road of pain. But crazy scenes saw riders hardly able to pass as the crowds engulfed the road.

As officials returned Froome’s lost time, many said this can’t happen again.

But the appeal of cycling and following Le Tour is how close you get to the competitors. More respect from fans is needed, but barriers would ruin the experience.