Super Eastwood saved Blues and provided team with a platform

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That was a 10 out of 10 performance from Simon Eastwood on Saturday.

Without Simon performing like that we wouldn’t have got that win.

There’s no doubt about that in my book.

We started slowly and every time we got hold of the ball we gave it back to them.

Coventry looked dangerous and looked a decent passing side.

Without our keeper we would have been two goals down before we even started.

After that, though, we upped it and we were well worth our lead at the break.

We could have been further ahead, too.

I must admit, at half-time I was thinking we normally only get one good half, so they would come back at us.

But we came out and fired again and really went at it, which was great to see.

We did have a sticky patch midway in the half when it looked like they were going to score, and we have Simon to thank again on that front.

It’s not often I give keepers the accolades.

But he really worked for that win on Saturday.

I’ve been talking to Alan Knight and I asked him what he’s been doing with Simon to make him play like that?

Knightsy said he didn’t know what it was but he doesn’t mind taking the credit for it!

There’s no doubt about it, though, he kept us in the game.

There were some fierce shots coming in for him to deal with.

People were saying Coventry aren’t a good side. I thought they were.

Only Doncaster have more away wins than them this season but I thought we more than matched them.

If I give Simon 10 out of 10 I’d give Patrick Agyemang nine out of 10, because he worked his socks off.

All over the pitch we all wanted to play and everyone wanted to chase and help each other.

You wouldn’t normally associate Liam Walker with that kind of play but he was in there hassling.

It was a great cross from Liam for the second goal – but I’m sure he was about to come off!

I think Jack Maloney was ready to come on until he did that.

The combinations are looking stronger all over the pitch.

It was good to see Johnny Ertl do his usual run from the halfway line as well.

We were all screaming at him to shoot!

Johnny is getting himself a following with the fans now.

Yassin Moutaouakil is coming on in leaps and bounds, too.

He is playing like a full-back now.

When he first arrived he tried to play like a winger.

We must be one of the form sides in the league.

If this side had come together at the new year, who knows what could have happened?