Support your grass roots and be pleased with the success

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Sunday evening saw 19-year-old singer/songwriter Jerry Williams launch her latest and second EP.

Hundreds packed Gunwharf Quays’ night spot Tiger Tiger to celebrate the new release.

The young musician was ecstatic with the support she has garnered in the past year or so.

The reigning News Guide Awards solo artist winner was clearly overwhelmed with emotion.

It has been phenomenal to watch her build a fan base and become more recognised around the country and in the Portsmouth scene in particular.

This up and coming artist has also written with Newton Faulkner, supported The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes, and performed at venues across London.

I’ve been fortunate to watch her blossom into a woman passionate for all she does and chasing what her heart desires.

This is imperative for all those who watch her perform to understand.

Her commitment to get to where she currently stands is admirable and I am certain she won’t remain static for long; bigger things lie ahead.

The person she is today is substantially different to who she was a couple of years ago.

The overall positive attitude and personality she presents on a daily basis has made her appreciated by loads of people.

This popular performer hasn’t allowed anyone around her to manipulate her style of music and appearance.

Jerry is unique and sticks to what she feels works best for her and her audience.

This city and the surrounding area should be instrumental in supporting local musicians.

The continuous talent which is increasingly appearing deserves to be recognised. So, through her sheer drive and determination it is possible we can make that happen.

Numerous young people don’t fully appreciate the value music has to so many across the globe.

There are areas on this globe where music is prohibited and people do not appreciate it after being distracted by so much more.

If you really feel there is someone overwhelmingly talented living in your area then get behind them.

Don’t just sit there in front of the television when you could be cheering on someone giving it all they have got to entertain and impress.

We need to emphasise the importance of supporting those from your grass roots.

Communities need to show people that they are behind this fighting to impress.

Show we mean business and get someone we know in the spotlight.