Surely Ailsa shouldn’t have to wait this long?

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Most of the time, there’s a logic of sorts to the decision-making process in large organisations.

Things may take a while to come through but, like an oil tanker turning, they get there eventually.

That may go part way to explaining the story we bring you on the front page today.

Ailsa Speak has outgrown her wheelchair but she’s been told she must wait.

Nothing, at first glance, unusual about that, until you read that the 18-year-old has had that wheelchair since she was a nine-year-old.

Her mum Eileen, understandably, is fuming.

She says that Ailsa outgrew the chair five years ago.

At that time, she was given and electric chair by Solent NHS Trust, the group that ran the service at the time.

But as she explains, it was heavy, cumbersome and, in fact, led to Ailsa becoming less mobile.

So the fight went on to get a manual wheelchair.

The family were hopeful last April when the new service provider Millbrook Healthcare was told by the family doctor to tackle the problem.

But here we are nearly a year later and no resolution is in sight. And what does the company tell the Speaks when they ask what is happening? ‘You’ll have to wait’.

It seems to defy logic that in this hi-tech, fast-living world in which we live that something so simple can possibly take so long.

Of course there will be a waiting list, but it’s hard to imagine a more deserving case than Ailsa’s.

Surely someone, somewhere can step up and make this happen?

Until then, the family will soldier on stoically with the chair she first had as a little girl.

We can only hope common sense prevails and this situation is resolved sooner rather than later.