Swearing is all part of ‘yoofspeak’

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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Lessons in swearing’, read the headline.

‘What’s that then?’ I wondered. It appears Shafton Advanced Learning Centre in Barnsley is giving worksheets to pupils, some as young as 11, entitled Acceptable or Not.

The pupils, working in pairs, have to grade whether certain swear words are acceptable in different situations.

The grading was, ‘always OK’, ‘sometimes OK’, ‘depends’ and ‘never OK’.

Understandably, parents are furious. But then I got to thinking of the numerous occasions I’ve walked behind potty-mouthed youngsters on their mobiles.

I even reprimanded a schoolgirl the other day with ‘don’t be so rude’.

She turned to her pal and enquired: ‘What’s rude?’

Many kids don’t realise they’re using foul language, as it’s all part of ‘yoofspeak’ these days.