Sweet logic in one so young

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LESLEY KEATING: A white-knuckle pursuit ending with a lesson in trust

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You have to give it to children, they may look quite daft with their little arms and legs, but they’re brighter than they let on.

My daughter Molly came home from school and asked me what I was giving up for Lent.

She then went on to explain the premise of Lent, why we celebrate it and some of the health benefits of abstinence.

She’s only five, so I was mightily impressed by the fact that her school had gone into considerable detail and that amongst the cacophony of madness one expects at a junior school, she’d remembered so much.

After considerable interrogation, I bluntly refused to give up anything.

So what was she willing to give up for Lent?

‘Sweets Daddy,’ she replied.

Most people would be impressed with this show of discipline in one so young.

The only thing is, Molly doesn’t like sweets.

Clever, hey?