Sweet ‘revenge’ for trick with wife’s bra

COMMENT: Attraction will capitalise on the riches in our midst

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Street magicians and illusionists are very popular at parties and black tie events these days.

While we all accept that these ‘tricks’ are well-rehearsed routines, we all really want to believe in the magic.

At a recent charity event in London the guests were treated to the hottest magician in the UK, the phenomenon simply known as Dynamo.

I watched carefully as he placed two coins in the palm of my hand, closed my fingers over them and then made the coins disappear.

Yes, I was watching closely. I could feel them in my hand, and then, suddenly, they were gone! Amazing.

He did another trick that involved some playing cards, my wife and her bra. But with that trick, you simply had to be there!

When it was time for me to take to the stage for the auction I was glad Dynamo had finished his rounds as I really didn’t want him distracting all the potential bidders.

The event was a launch of a Michael Jackson documentary and was attended by his brother Tito and sister Rebbie Jackson among many others from the music and television worlds.

While I love telling friends and family about how I met Dynamo and experienced his magic first-hand, the better story is how I showed Dynamo how to make £7,000 disappear in the blink of an eye.

One of the lots I was selling was one of Michael Jackson’s leather jackets.

It turned out Dynamo is a Michael Jackson fan.

So, when the lot came under the hammer he put his money where his mouth is.

And, in the twinkling of an eye, he made the other bidders ‘disappear’.

Afterwards he confessed he had got a little carried away with his bidding.

He had not realised straightaway that he had just spent £7,000!