Swim 60 miles in 30 hours? I salute mermaid Anna Wardley

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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Within the next week Gosport’s own mermaid Anna Wardley will swim around the Isle of Wight, raising money for three fantastic charities.

Last October Anna asked me to take on the challenge with her, approximately 60 miles, swimming non-stop for 30+ hours. If I attempted to sit on a sofa and watch TV, eating crisps for 30 hours I’d fail miserably let alone swim through one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Anna is a truly humble, gritty, unassumingly inspirational woman. The love child of Bungle, The Incredible Hulk and Sir Steve Redgrave.

She’s trained for a year and made countless sacrifices to improve life for others.

If you could afford to give a nugget or two (annawardley.com) it might just help her across the line.