Swimming with wild pigs was realisation of a dream

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I swam with pigs this week. No, seriously, I did. They were wild pigs in the Bahamas and I can’t tell you how excited I was.

It’s a memory that will last a lifetime! Forget dolphins, fish or turtles, pigs are the way to go. I have, quite literally, never been so ecstatic in my whole life.

There we were, in the beautiful blue waters of Exumas, sailing through the islands (and there are 365 of them, one for each day of the year – how cool is that?) when we pulled up at one and I saw in the distance something trotting out of the shrubbery.

Three gigantic wild pigs came down to the beach, launched themselves into the water and swam up to our boat.

I was beside myself at this point – in fact I felt like I might pass out with excitement.

You see, pigs and cows are my thing. They’re just so awkward and cute – I can’t even see one on TV without getting all silly.

Seriously, my sister used to record the Muller yogurt adverts for me, I loved them so much!

So you can just imagine what I was like. I have never jumped into the sea so quick.

You can swim with the pigs here in the Bahamas. Oh yeah baby, a dream that I never realised could ever happen has just come true and I feel like I’ve won the lottery!

I have to say a massive thank-you to the Bahamas Tourist Board for making this happen – it truly was an amazing tour and I should know as I’ve done my fair share of them over the past couple of months on our world tour for a TV programme about vegetarian food.

As well as the pigs, I got to swim with some nurse sharks (I admit I freaked out a bit at this – weird as I did a great white shark cage dive in Cape Town).

But there were just so many of them and they were huge! I mean HUGE!

The locals watching from the jetty found my hysteria hilarious. I did not.

I managed to pose for a quick pic, then got out of the water as quick as I could (breaking a nail in the process).

We’ve done some amazing things on our trip and I didn’t think anything could top what we’ve got up to already.

But the Bahamas has truly exceeded my expectations.