Take a big breath and just ignore it

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ZELLA COMPTON: Men – just aim it in the right direction and we’ll all be happy!

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My two girls give me so much happiness and joy. There are so many times during each day when I get that proud parent feeling running through me.

It can be when I see them do something for the first time, or when the girls give me a kiss or cuddle without me asking for it.

It can even be when I’m watching them happily playing, sharing and interacting with each other.

Although most of the time my girls are kind and happy, there are times when things are the complete opposite.

As any parent will know, the smooth and joyous times come hand in hand with something every parent has to deal with – a tantrum.

Not one, but many. Something I have noticed since becoming a dad is that these tantrums are not often talked about.

I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because people want people to think that their child is always an angel.

Or maybe it’s just because people are embarrassed to admit that even the best parents in the world cannot prevent this inevitable behaviour.

Why would anyone want to tell their friends how naughty their child can be on occasions?

But tantrums must be more common then we think as, when I did an internet search for ‘child tantrums’, I had over seven million websites to choose from.

I have to admit that before I had children I would see a screaming child in the supermarket and vow that my children would never get away with behaviour like that.

In my mind I knew exactly how I would handle that situation.

That was until I actually did have to deal with that situation and I can reveal I didn’t want to walk into that supermarket for at least another six months.

As Caitlin has gone from a two-year-old to a three-year-old, she has now moved out of that stage in her life described as the terrible twos, when the smallest thing can set them off into a crying rage.

You might think I’d be pleased that the terrible twos were over.

Well, now she’s reached the traumatic threes and from what I’ve read this will behaviour continue until at least the age of five, so we still have a long way to go.

But whether it is whining, screaming, stamping feet or all at the same time, I’ve learned through trial and error how to stop this behaviour without having to call in Supernanny.

There are many articles, websites and books on how to deal with the tantrum, but I can save you time and money.

The key is to simply take a big breath and ignore the negative behaviour and they’ll soon return to being adorable. It really is that simple.