Take a trip down memory lane – for a spot of knock-down ginger

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More than a quarter of mothers are now throwing American-style baby showers.

Figures show that 28 per cent of women now have showers and attend 23 others over a lifetime, spending £560 on gifts.

Even the Queen has reportedly authorised a bash for the Duchess of Cambridge at the Middleton home.

But why is there no baby shower equivalent for the impending father?

I know men go out to celebrate, but no specific kind of occasion is ever arranged.

So, here’s my suggestion – all-male games parties, where you get all your mates round and play all the games you used to love when you were a kid.

Either old computer games, board games, cowboys and Indians or football kick-arounds.

You could even play knock-down ginger by knocking on the doors of neighbours and running away .

You could also hire some old kids’ bikes, like BMXs, and hold cycling races together on the roads near your house.

Now a word of advice – this time to the people who send out marketing offers via e-mail or in the post.

When you send out offers in May, you’re not legally obliged to call them ‘Our Mad May Offers’ and when you send them out in February, they don’t have to be ‘Our Fab February Deals!’

Just put the name of the month. You don’t always have to use alliteration. We get it.

And finally, learn from my mistakes. If she says she wants a ‘cool bag’, she probably means something by Gucci, Prada or Radley.

Don’t get her one that keeps food at low temperatures for a long time.

It’ll save you hassle.