Take it in and enjoy it much more

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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There’s nothing better than telling people about your past experiences and reliving memories with those who contributed to them.

It’s always a humbling moment when you laugh, cry and revive great moments of the past.

Sometimes, you can forget about things that have happened until you are reminded by somebody else.

I believe people can create brilliant memories. Being surrounded by individuals full of charisma and conversation causes spontaneous things to happen that can trigger something never to be forgotten.

Yes, you can experience things through technology such as social networking that could impact your memory bank. However it’s not quite the same as that face-to-face connection.

When I am reminded of the things I have done in the past, I forget how important it all was to me.

At the time of doing whatever I did, I was blind to the importance it could have to who I am.

I think it’s important to value the people you are surrounded by. Just think, someone you speak, laugh, work or even play with today may not be here tomorrow.

Life is far too short to dwell on areas that affect you. Focus on what you’re currently doing, pay attention to it and, most importantly, value it.

At times, we can become bored with what we are doing. It could be the repetitive routine of a job or an ongoing issue in life.

But if something disappointing or upsetting happens in your life, that doesn’t mean you can’t value it.

Really cherish the people you meet and the things you do that affect you as an individual.

Through people, our personalities are moulded.

Our identity doesn’t develop through technology, it’s through people.

Whether you love someone or dislike them, they will have an impact on your life in some way. If you don’t value the impact that a person may have on your life, then it’s possible you may become stale.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to recognise the dominance something can have on your life.

I used to be someone who would contemplate the things I had done with those around me. But I realised that I missed those moments that impacted on who I am.

Now, I continue to look back on my experiences.

But rather than being so focused to get something done, I take it in and enjoy it much more.