Take time out to speak to neighbours

DURING storm Katie, Gosport was shaken by falling trees and lots of fences being blown down or damaged.

Friday, 8th April 2016, 6:42 am
DAMAGE Tina Helme reported damage she saw in Gosport

As it was Easter Monday, it was difficult to report dangerous incidents from the aftermath. As I walked Jack Serendipity, quite literally, a cascade of house tiles and bricks fell onto the pavement in front of us.

The property was directly opposite the Carisbrooke Pub. It was an apartment on the corner of The Curve joining Carisbrooke Road.

As soon as I arrived home I dialled 101, the out of hours non-emergency police number, to report the incident. To my surprise I was told to telephone the local council, which I did.

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A telephone answer machine message eventually led me to an out of hours number.

A lady took all the details for the emergency call out.

The next morning we did the same walk along The Curve and to my surprise a single piece of police tape which said ‘do not pass’ into dangerous area had been ripped off one end and was flapping in the wind across the road. The loose bricks and tiles were still overhanging the rooftop.

You can prevent a child, or indeed anybody, getting injured so always report any damage you may see.

Of course numerous other incidents from storm Katie were being dealt with all over the country and praise goes to all emergency services and councils involved in the clear-up operations.

Many dogs were also reported lost as owners let their pets out without checking fences were secure before doing so.

Always do a quick risk assessment after any storm before letting any children or animals into your gardens.Better to be safe than sorry.

The clear-up made a real sense of community spirit as neighbours rallied round to help each other. Many elderly neighbours were assisted to remove and replace broken and fallen down fences.

We should all take time to check on our neighbours and make time to speak to our fellow residents whatever the weather.

A friendly voice can transform a person’s day to a positive one.

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Wishing you all a peaceful week ahead, keep smiling and best wishes.