Taste of France was great, but I’m glad to be British

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A fine weekend in France started with a round trip on the excellent Brittany Ferries flagship Pont Aven, normally the preserve of the Spanish run.

We took 300 of our listeners on a Valentine’s Cruise, with fun and games on board and a day in the stunning town of St Malo.

There was lots going on, from dancing with the ship rolling slowly that interfered with my moves on the dancefloor to the gossip of the trip – 149 married couples and one having an affair!

Walking around the old walled town of St Malo with its cobbled streets, boutiques and cafes, I felt a bit envious of the French and their way of life.

As they sat down outside for un cafe and lit up another Gauloise, I wondered how many Brits would do this on a Saturday morning?

Walking around the very quiet and beautiful neighbouring town of Dinard and the stunning shoreline and sandy beach, locals could be seen tucking into a lunch of Fruits de Mer .

I cannot help but think of how we miss out in the UK as a typical Saturday lunch out would be a sandwich from Subway and a Diet Coke.

Obviously, the romance of it all got to me. But speaking to a French member of the crew, he told how he lives in Roscoff but doesn’t get much time in England.

When he does visit for the weekend, he finds the best local country pub because he loves a pint of bitter and a roast beef Sunday lunch!

He also loves the fact we play our football in daylight on a Saturday afternoon and not on Saturday evening. And to him, the south coast is far more lively and vibrant than dull Brittany.

My Saturday in France was wonderful, but very quiet. Driving through towns and villages we were surprised how few people were out and about.

Fine for a one-off weekend, but if I was there every day I think I’d be bored stupid.

I love the French way of life, every now and then. But I would miss the bustle of Gunwharf Quays on a Saturday morning and listening to the football in the afternoon, followed by a meal and a drink at my favourite local pub in front of a roaring fire.

Vive la Grande Bretagne!