Taxing week of champers, celebs and the royal family

Rick Jackson has hit the gym in an effort to be healthy  (Shutterstock)

RICK JACKSON: Who’s the wise guy? Me!

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Last week I organised a big event in London for At The Movies which is an original movie poster company. These aren’t just any kind of posters; these are cinema-owned and distributed originals, some vintage, dating back to the 1920s.

It was an incredible event and one that genuinely was enjoyable.

My job was to organise the press who attended and my goodness did they turn up in their dozens.

We had everyone from OK! Magazine, Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Sun turn up – you name it, they came and I was thrilled by the turn-out.

Obviously it helped that billionaire model Tamara Ecclestone and British fashion designer, Julien Macdonald turned up – oh, and there were endless free bottles of Moet available.

These two phenomenal names are genuine fans of At The Movies and of course the paparazzi turned up to ensure they got their pictures.

And as you can see, they weren’t the only ones!

It was a crazily manic week last week because I was filming for the new royal documentary I’m making as well.

This all meant I spent the majority of the week sweating it out on the long commute to London and hopping on and off tubes… oh, the glamour.

When my director happens to be in town (she’s based in LA) we get a private car escorting us around all day.

However, when it’s little ol’me on my own, I get the luxury of London public transport.

Sweaty Betty aside it was really interesting meeting some of those connected to Prince William and Catherine Middleton, such as the Centrepoint charity; a homeless charity dedicated to supporting young people, for which William is ambassador.

Hearing their personal tales and memories of the prince and how he participated in their sleepout was thrilling to listen to and made a nice change from the usual showbiz, celebrity gossip that I’m normally involved in – not that I don’t love my daily fix of Tinseltown.

It was just quite refreshing to do something a little more meaty and I have to say I have new-found respect for the royal family.