Teachers should teach, not end up being like glorified bouncers

Teachers at two secondary schools are reportedly using body cameras to record pupils who misbehave and the subsequent footage is to be used as evidence for possible disciplinary action.

Tuesday, 21st February 2017, 6:01 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 9:20 am

The pilot scheme has apparently been approved to test the effectiveness of the cameras.

They will film continuously, but the encrypted footage is only saved when the teacher presses the record button.

Whether you agree with this or not, it says a lot about the sad state of affairs in our society.

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It really is disgusting that teachers have so little power in a classroom nowadays that it has come to this.

The namby-pamby society we live in is reflected in schools and a teacher’s right to discipline children has diminished.

It’s a situation where children now have the power and teachers feel powerless to deal with classroom disruption because of the fear of allegations from children and retribution from parents.

These cameras will help back up teachers when Mr and Mrs Chav won’t have a word said against their little angel.

It is always ‘my Johnny wouldn’t do that’ or ‘the teacher is picking on my Jenny’.

There’s always someone else to blame. It’s never their fault.

The reality is that it’s often the parents whose lack of guidance is the issue.

It’s the schools and those teaching in them who have to pick up the pieces.

Yes, we all have blind spots when it comes to our children and all kids will push the boundaries at some stage.

But some parents don’t just have a blind spot. With them, it’s a complete blackout!

I’m hoping that the behaviour of pupils being filmed will give those parents a kick up the backside. Wishful thinking I know.

‘Inclusion for all’ in schools hasn’t helped either. Too many disruptive influences are allowed.

Too much time is spent dealing with the badly-behaved minority, whilst the majority that want to get on and learn are held back.

Teachers should be able to teach and help prepare our children for later life, not spend their time acting like glorified bouncers.


So Elegance strip club looks like it has finally got the green light to move from Granada Road to a new home on Albert Road in Southsea.

The move was held up because campaigners suggested there was no demand for a lapdancing club.

It might be an uncomfortable truth for some people, but sex sells.

It always has and always will.

Others feared the arrival of this establishment would lower the tone of the area.

Really? Have these people ever actually visited Albert Road?

It’s got a few boring hipster venues, fast food establishments as far as the eye can see and a scattering of homeless crack fiends.

This hardly makes it the Champs-Elysees, does it?


Britain’s youngest Euromillions winner, Jane Park, who was 17 when she won, decided she wanted to sue Lotto organisers because winning the cash had apparently made her life worse, not better.

So she wanted a payout because she had received a payout. Could it be any more ironic?

Apparently the win has left her feeling empty and stressed.

Well, she’s welcome to transfer her winnings into my bank account.

I’ll happily take on the stress of being a millionaire!

She says the age limit for buying a ticket should be raised to 18 and this isn’t a bad idea, to be honest.

But I can only think that maybe an IQ test before buying could be more beneficial.