Teen Talk - April 23, 2013

COMMENT: University has to prove it offers value for money

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This week it has really struck me how we as young people change the way we dress, behave and talk to fit in with those around us.

Of course we want to have a strong group of friends, or even have others see us as ‘cool’.

But is that really good if we’re not being ourselves?

I think it’s a shame when young people stop being themselves.

‘Why do they do that?’ I hear you ask. Well, it’s because of other people’s opinions.

It’s upsetting to know that some young people change their true personalities just to please other people, knowing that they’re not happy with the changes they’ve made.

You may know of a friend at school, college or university who is in this situation or perhaps you recognise it in yourself.

And if it sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to have a think about it, or try to help someone else who may find themselves in this situation.

We are individuals and should be happy with the way we are and what we truly want to be, rather than trying to fit in with everyone else’s idea of what we should be like.

Therefore, if you’re a young person or know of one who changes their true selves to please others, then I would ask that you do what you can to encourage them to stop.

Be full of happiness and confidence, understanding that you are the way you are.

It really isn’t good to lead a false life just to please other people.

· It’s been a busy first week back at school or college for many of us.

We’ve been finishing coursework for the final due date so we can begin writing those dreaded, often put-off revision cards.

As young people, it is sometimes very tempting to steer away from any educational learning and focus on the social aspects of our lives.

Of course that’s okay at times – we need to have fun.

But it is important that we continuously strive for high achievements and don’t become lazy on the way.

We may find it difficult at times.

But we just have to think about the impact the work we do right now will have on our futures.

If we work hard now we stand a very good chance of seeing the rewards later.

Young people of Portsmouth – remain positive, aim high, succeed and enjoy life!