Teen Talk by Sam Poole

Cheryl was lucky enough to sit next to 1980s pop star Sinitta, pictured here at a previous event   Picture: PA

CHERYL GIBBS: An embarrassing moment at a celebrity shindig with Sinitta

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On Saturday evening I attended a curry night with various young people and some others who have positions in politics.

The aim of the evening was to inform the adults of the various things we support and what we would like to be campaigning about.

But sometimes the convers-ation at the table moved away from the aims and was focused on getting to know each other, encouraging each other and building relationships.

Personally, I had a convers-ation with a lady who showed plenty of enthusiasm about what I hope to do in the future.

Further down the table, there was more talk of the campaigns and right down the end, there was a lot of laughter.

Even though I was unaware of everything happening around that table, I could see joyfulness and honest, friendly and open discussion.

It was fantastic, seeing diff-erent generations and professions around the table, sharing lively and interesting conversation.

Many people today, especially young people, hardly ever mix with people who aren’t similar to them.

I believe that we need to make a change.

I understand why others may not want to mix with people who aren’t like them, but it is important that we do so.

Young people of Portsmouth, be open-minded about who you meet but be careful.

Don’t you just love it when you have what I call ‘that new feeling’?

That time when you get a new item of clothing or maybe even something as little as a book.

Regardless of what we have, knowing it’s new and our own makes us feel good.

It seems to me that many people don’t ever treat themselves to something new. It is important that we treat ourselves, and if not ourselves, then others once in a while.

Also it’s important to share your items with other people as it is great when people gain enjoyment and benefit from something that is ours.

An example would be when I had a new book.

This book was honestly mind-blowing and made an impact on my thoughts and opinions.

So, I shared it with others and allowed them to experience, first-hand, what I gained from that item.

Appreciative, they recommended it to other people.

This just shows how sharing something which is new to us can go far and be new to someone else.

Sixteen-year-old SAM POOLE goes to South Downs College and is the outreach officer for 
Portsmouth Youth Parliament. Sam lives in Milton, Portsmouth. 
Follow him on Twitter @shjpoole.