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COMMENT: All agencies must to held to account for Anne Savidge’s tragic death

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On Monday morning I returned to England after a busy seven-day holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Each day was packed full of activity and adventure, which really opened my mind and allowed me to explore more about an unusual culture.

I love travelling to different areas of the world and sampling a little of the environment others live in. But I’m also a fan of the sunshine, so enjoyed lazing around the pool, soaking up the surroundings and sun.

The adventurous holiday also included quad biking in the deserts, a boat trip and snorkelling among the corals.

Each day was amazing and no two days were the same. Honestly, it felt pleasing to momentarily forget about everything at home and enjoy having fun. In our lives, each day that passes may slowly become a little tedious.

Why? Continuous repetition of the work or activities we do may lead some of us towards feeling less positive. In reality, my daily life consists of studying, work and socialising.

I sound pretty normal, yes, although some folk may not even have an opportunity to take time out and do something they see as time out.

After a busy coursework season and exams ahead, my time away was a true eye-opener in understanding that it is important everyone has a steady balance of work and fun.

From first-hand experience, I understand that youngsters may often have too much enjoyment, neglecting the important tasks which need to be carried out regarding studies.

In contrast, I have also experienced a time where I’d study so hard, I’d become ill with exhaustion. We’re all required to do things at moments in our lives, even if we don’t wish to carry them out.

The best way to positively complete them is through maintaining a balance of the good and not so enjoyable areas.

I’m not saying that everybody should go on holiday to Sharm El Sheikh. However, all of us should revise the way we live and approach particular areas. By this, it is important that you designate moments for yourself.

There is so much opportunity out there to discover things on top of your daily life, get out and experience them!