Teen Talk - February 25, 2014

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It has been a busy week, with lots going on for most young people in Portsmouth.

From revision to working to earn extra cash, socialising to relaxing, half-term flew by faster than hoped.

I’ve always been told time flies when you’re enjoying yourself – I wish this wasn’t so true.

I find it frustrating because now I have to drag myself out of bed at 6.30am every day, catch those dreaded buses and sit in a classroom.

Some may argue I’m being lazy… maybe I am. I’d say that after a week of non-academic studying, I’ve lost motivation. Don’t get me wrong, I love college, the people I see, the teachers and the subjects I study.

However, knowing that the next six weeks will be the most challenging of my academic life suffocates all my positivity.

Yes, this next half of term will be challenging for us all. This is the term I refer to as Deadline Disaster – the time of year with hundreds of deadlines which turn my life into a disaster.

My time will be spent head in books and hand firmly gripping a pen. Don’t get me started on the countless hours in front of a computer screen.

To me this is the most important term of the year as I go all-out to achieve good results in coursework which contributes to my overall A-level scores.

Last year I lived a life of revision strategies and academic conversation to get information into my head. If you knew me, you’d understand the work I put myself through as you wouldn’t have seen me for weeks.

My family was concerned I didn’t really have a social life. Never mind that now – I can assure you I’ll be devoting time to socialising and have fun.

Wen I studied for GCSEs, I said it was important to socialise as it can be possible to over-revise.

I think it’s important to see people regardless of how hard you are working. Sometimes we place ourselves under enormous stress when it isn’t necessary.

It’s very important we take time out, temporarily forget about our working lives and chill.

I’ll shock myself one day reading this back as I know I’ll end up going through my Deadline Disaster phase again.

Nevertheless, I’m still positive.