Teen Talk - February 4, 2014

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Statistics just released say that applications made to UK universities have risen by four per cent.

Some time last year I wrote about the drop in applications for further education. Now they’re back on the up.

What is going on? It all seems very confusing.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s brilliant to see that more individuals wish to study at UK universities.

The only two thoughts I have are why are people choosing to apply to university and what do graduates do once they have completed a degree?

I’ve applied to study at university beginning this September, although I have made the decision to defer my offers for a year.

The main reasons I have applied to go to university are to gain a degree in an area I wish to have a career in, meet new people and experience independence properly for the first time.

Obviously I’m excited about the adventures of university life and the fun which comes with it, but that’s nothing to do with why I applied for the course.

University is without doubt a serious investment, therefore students must be applying with sensible intentions.

Well I’m not convinced. I’ve met people really passionate about wanting to study something specific and earn a degree.

At the same time, I’ve met those who wish to apply to university for a bit of fun and to get away from home.

It’s all debatable stuff but statistics (regardless of whether figures have risen or dropped) can always be interpreted as positive or negative. And they can deter us from really understanding the situation.

Thousands of students each year graduate with a well-earned degree. Then the struggles are presented when it comes to applying for a job.

Nowadays it seems as if more graduates are finding a job relevant to their degree. However, there are still individuals struggling to find a path on to the career ladder.

On top of all this, you have employers emphasising the importance of a degree but then others encouraging people to gain more work experience over a degree.

Whatever path they choose, I really wish every young person success.