Teen Talk for August 6, 2013

COMMENT: University has to prove it offers value for money

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Last week it was announced by the Confederation of British Industry that it favoured young people being encouraged to earn-while-they-learn.

This is because businesses believe a traditional three-year degree isn’t the only way to get a top job. The scheme is believed to equip students with high-level skills needed for employment.

In the past few days I’ve gathered some opinions from young people about it and they seem confused and uncertain.

The way it would work is that the current traditional three-year courses would double as the student would be working alongside a degree, extending it to six years.

Everything would be the same, covering the same topics but would take longer because the degree would be studied part-time.

This may sound positive and some may believe it will ease pressure and allow more time to devote to specific topics although, the longer students study, the more debt they might get into.

Let’s not forget the rise in tuition fees which happened a couple of years ago, and also the fact that more universities are charging the maximum tuition fees. Likewise, the matter varies depending on the students’ financial situation and also work ethic.

James Burns, 17, a student at South Downs College says: ‘Working is necessary regardless of what situation you’re in.

‘However, if tuition fees weren’t raised in the first place, full-time students would be able to prioritise study more than work’.

Another student planning to apply for higher education said: ‘To shift priorities from securing one’s financial stability in the future via education to current working plans is short-sighted.’

For now, youngsters may seem optimistic about the advice given, but how many students would actually follow this advice to work while they learn? Would you?

Meanwhile, a high percentage of higher education students continue to work full-time regardless of having a job or not.

The commitment and willingness students have toward their aspirations are mind-blowing and I believe if students wish to earn money while studying a traditional three-year course, then they’ll make that happen

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