Teen Talk for December 10, 2013

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This week the world lost one of its most influential people, Nelson Mandela.

The former president of South Africa, who survived 27 years in prison, multiple campaigns fighting for equality and years of an illness, is now at rest.

What brings me to the death of Nelson Mandela in this week’s column is the vast influence he had on others.

He was an inspiration for millions. The former president of South Africa was an icon of freedom for the world.

As young people, we have had less time in a world where Nelson Mandela influenced so many decisions.

However, one message we can take from his life is to never give up.

The man wasn’t always a leader, he was someone with an opinion. Although, some say that he was born to be a leader and did it well.

Mandela’s wish was to express his thoughts and feelings to the world.

During his life he had plenty of support but at the same time he was confronted with countless obstacles.

Much of his life was spent in a cell. This resulted in him losing time for family and friends –ultimately he lost his personal life.

It can be difficult for young people to see what we have to do in order to succeed in life.

Understanding that the way we perform now will have an influence on our future is extremely challenging.

If you ever find yourself in a situation of wanting to give up, just think about inspirational icons like Mandela.

The reality of it is that youngsters will experience times of difficulty and they need to learn to face the challenges.

I know people who are in education and wish to succeed more than they are predicted – they will do this if they never give up. Young carers are another example of those facing difficulties.

Many young carers lose a childhood but they keep pushing for a bright future.

It is our job to grasp the story of the life of Nelson Mandela, ensure that we understand the changes that happened because of him, and maybe take just a little inspiration from a man who never gave up.