Teen Talk for December 3, 2013

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It’s December and I can’t believe it.

This year has gone really quickly for me. Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating and shouting in the new year.

I expect many other young people feel the same way as I do about the past 12 months seeming to fly past quickly.

The year has been full of opportunity for myself and other young people in the city and I believe that it’s important to touch on some of the key areas.

In 2013 I experienced my first AS Level exam, presented on a new radio show and joined this newspaper for work experience.

I also took part in a 60-mile walk for charity, experienced a rally, bought myself an iPad mini and, most importantly, applied for university.

Some interesting points there but some irrelevant for others. Likewise, we’ve all done something this year that has been enjoyable and of benefit to ourselves.

What I’m aiming to say is that the things I have experienced and received don’t just come on their own. They tie in with hard work, determination and a willingness to learn.

I have a friend who takes on almost double the activities I do now because of future ambitions. I really respect this.

It baffles me how time really does move fast when you are busy doing something productive.

As the year has progressed, there have been continuous cuts in funding for organisations supporting young people.

Beside the struggle, it’s been an all-round good year for youngsters in Portsmouth. I’m not talking for myself here – there has been vast amounts on offer for us all.

One thing I love and cherish about the community in which we live in is that it offers so much opportunity to us young people.

Wherever we come from, whatever our ability, 2013 had offered something for someone at least once.

Every year, I enjoy reflecting back on the months that I’ve just lived. I feel as if it aids my understanding of where I am at and what I wish to do next.

So 2013 has been a busy and productive year for many. Let’s make the next year even more worthwhile.