Teen Talk for January 14, 2014

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Crime and gang culture, binge drinking and drug misuse, teenage pregnancy and sexual health, limited jobs, negative stereotyping, exam pressure and a lack of things to do.

Anyone would question why I am listing these negative issues regarding young people.

At times I find it unfair and frustrating that when people talk about the youth of today, they often link us with something negative,

On a weekly basis, I tend to write about the importance of being positive and optimistic – because it is important.

It can be argued that society adds pressure to young lives with a negative attitude.

On the other hand, people may feel that individuals allow themselves to believe people think negatively and have unwelcoming attitudes towards young people. It really is a difficult topic to understand.

Each person is entitled to their opinion. We cannot control the way people act towards us, neither can we change our past actions.

It is important not to forget that people may not understand the ongoing problems youngsters confront.

Things are very different to how they were years ago. The issue is that a growing number of young people are giving up hope too soon.

Declan Rounthwaite, a student at South Downs College, says: ‘There are a lot of negative stereotypes about today’s youth. It makes me feel as if it would be difficult to progress and achieve some of my goals because of the negativity surrounding me, simply due to my age.’

Each and every young person will be hit with some form of negativity in their life.

‘Teenagers are strongly stereotyped. I feel it is unfair, this makes it difficult to stay positive when everything about you seems so negative,’ says Sharna Hill, a student at Miltoncross School.

Take one thing away from from this column and that is to block out any negativity made towards you which may be holding you back.

Remain hopeful, stay bold and keep going – everyone experiences something unwelcoming at some point in life.