Teen Talk for January 21, 2013

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It was a highly controversial day at South Downs College last Friday as students challenged an MP, councillors and local representatives from various organisations.

Last week, the Student Union at the college organised an event presented in the way of the BBC’s Question Time.

On the panel were MP George Hollingbery, Joe Vinson the Vice President of Further Education for the National Union of Students, Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Gary Jeffries of the Local Enterprise Partnership and Cllr Ken Thornber.

The debate was chaired by Daniel Hughes, who is the President of the Student Union.

Students were buzzing to express their thoughts and ask questions on various topics.

The South Downs College interpretation of BBC Question Time was a huge success.

Many students walked away curious and informed about what is happening locally regarding young people.

MP George Hollingbery emphasised that ‘the best thing government can do to get young people into jobs is to grow the economy and ensure that the jobs are there’.

A body of students continuously asked questions triggering responses which seemed fairly optimistic.

At times, there were heated moments, although that didn’t prevent anyone expressing their opinion.

Personally, I have experienced various debates relating to politics but I believe that this was the best yet.

The panel was made up of individuals who really do make decisions and listen to the public to feed their thoughts and arguments to those at the top

It is important that youngsters are listened to and taken seriously.

I asked a question regarding education and the response I received proved how serious people are about the issues facing young people.

It is important that youngsters are reassured frequently about what is happening locally and we deserve to know and understand what is happening around us.

If you’re an individual wishing to ask a question about anything affecting you in politics, then ask. Anyone can write to their local MP or councillor.