Teen Talk for January 28, 2014

COMMENT: University has to prove it offers value for money

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The expectations of the way young people perform each day are becoming higher.

We are expected to achieve greatly – which is obviously essential. We are also encouraged to have a pathway to guide us in life in order to have a successful career.

On a national basis, it seems as if there is politician after politician emphasising the importance of being at the top and doing well.

Locally, you may find continuous education-related campaigns pushing youngsters to ‘open their eyes’ and realise how important the future is.

I acknowledge that this is all to ensure Britain grows and jobs are created.

But are school pupils and students being asked too early to think about the career they wish to have?

Consider the experience which is required, the qualifications you need and the contacts you may have to build in order to achieve your aspirations.

Some may argue that young people are becoming increasingly distracted while taking exams.

Likewise, some may believe that it is good for young people to have an aspiration as it would encourage self-motivation and persistence to succeed.

What I do know is that at times I feel like a vulnerable, young individual in the middle of an ongoing argument, pressurised to do well.

I guess I am fortunate to have the opportunity to build up my experience.

I’d say that I’m also grateful to have met and know the people I do know who can assist me in climbing the career ladder.

There are young people out there with no direction, no qualifications and no experience. That may sound harsh. But I feel as if everyone should have an opportunity to discover their potential and have an insight into the next chapter of life.

Each week in my column, I tend to be optimistic.However, what I don’t wish is for a community to be overly confident in an aspiration, to not achieve it, and then for the positivity to collapse.

It’s hard to accept that everyone will have an obstacle at some point in their lives, but when you do have one, don’t give up and forget who you want to be.