Teen Talk for January 7, 2014

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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I’d like to wish everyone who reads this column a very happy new year.

Young people, it’s time to kick start the new year with enthusiasm, commitment and a willingness to achieve.

Personally, I believe this year will be one of the most challenging I’ve experienced.

I’ll be looking at many different avenues to start my career, as well as ploughing my way through heaps of course work and revision for the summer exams.

On top of this, I will continue to be committed to supporting others, meeting new people and making a difference.

It’s very difficult at times, when you are so determined to do something, but are held back due to priorities.

Often, I wish that we could do whatever we choose all at once – imagine that!

I find it off-putting to get back into routines and hard work after a festive break.

Lounging around, earning a little bit of extra pocket money at work, eating far too much and catching up on vast amounts of television are nice distractions but have made me less productive than usual.

People have told me to ‘live each day as it comes, you may never get any more’, and I used to think in my stubborn old ways that what they told me was a load of rubbish.

You may still agree with my old opinions, but I don’t these days.

I think it’s important to live each day as it comes as every day is unique and you will never see the same day again.

Even though the importance of living each day as it comes is high, ensure that you are prepared to a certain extent to encourage yourselves to be productive.

As you reflect on 2013, you may find that you didn’t exper-
ience enough effective days. You could make having productive days a new year’s resolution?

I’ll be living every day as it comes. If I think too much about the days ahead, it distracts me from enjoying what I’m currently doing.

Make 2014 a great year, aim to make it your best year so far. Whatever your age, whatever your ability, whoever you see, remain focused on having a great year and just go for it.