Teen Talk for July 2, 2013

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VERITY LUSH: Green shoots of recovery sprouting in northern Portsmouth

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This week has been extremely challenging for myself, mentally and physically.

On Thursday and into Friday, I walked with others for 60 miles for a charity which I wrote about in my column a couple of weeks ago.

The walk we did was a recognised footpath called The Solent Way. It runs from Milford-on- Sea to Emsworth.

We completed the walk as a team in 26 hours and ended up exhausted with aches, pains and blisters.

Even though we were confronted by these challenges, we kept going as we were aware that it was for a fantastic cause and would contribute to transforming lives.

The walk began at a steady pace (well, what we believed to be steady) and resulted in us being two hours ahead of schedule a third of the way in.

Because of this, we slowed down but soon realised what we thought was going to happen and began to feel the pain!

Ploughing our way through the walk, we did our best to zone out all pain and tiredness, but gradually found this more and more challenging.

For me, as we came into Portsmouth from Gosport, the walk along the seafront down towards The Harvester was the hardest moment.

My legs felt like they were going to seize up and my feet were pumping with pain.

My eyes became heavy and my steps uneven.

I felt awful – God knows how the others were feeling.

Interestingly, I still remained positive and even though I felt this way, I still had some energy and enthusiasm to strive.


Because I was supporting the local community and working to make a difference in those lives that need help most.

As the youngest walker participating, with the eldest at 61, I felt privileged to be taking on the challenge.

Having the opportunity to walk with other amazing people and to do it to make an impact on other lives really was truly brilliant.

During the walk, we were encouraged by many phone calls, texts and actual walkers day and night.

Without those people, it would have been a lot harder.

If you as a young person ever have the opportunity to do something life-changing for yourself and others, even if you’re aware of how challenging it will be, just go for it.

Don’t give up and remain positive!

Without doubt, it will be hard but also extremely rewarding.