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On Thursday evening, The Life House, a building aimed at supporting the lives of vulnerable people in the community by cooking meals, washing clothes, and soon to be offering a shower, was open for its third week.

After months of preparation and weeks of discussion, it was finally open, serving a freshly-cooked meal to those who need it most.

The centre also plans to offer recovery workshops and various other facilities.

Offered entertainment and company, those using the centre were happy with the results and thoroughly enjoyed the meal cooked for them.

The Thursday Double Portion Kitchen evenings are led by volunteers who work tirelessly to make an improvement to the lives of those who receive the services.

Furthermore, they also have an influence in the opening of the centre as without them, there would be no Life House.

The centre is open on Thursdays from 7pm until 9.30pm.

Thirteen people received the services, with many others who supported the evening events joining them for a meal and a ‘good old play’ with the board games.

The organisers of the evening expected a few people to turn up for a free, freshly-cooked meal but with faith, they expected more would arrive ready to walk away with full bellies and smiles on their faces. What happened? More came.

With bowls of food ready to be dished out, the servers gained so much pleasure from knowing how it would help homeless men and woman.

Even though bowls of food were prepared and ready to be served, more food was needed as the popularity of the meals led to it almost running out.

With a mad dash, more food was cooked up ready to fill more people.

n As you may be aware, a few weeks ago, I took part in a 60-mile walk with a team of others to raise money for this centre.

To see the donations of those who sponsored us go to such a fantastic centre is truly amazing and life-changing.

Now that those in need are aware of what’s happening at this centre, they will continue to join us for as long as it is open and as long as they require it.

As a young person, I am so thankful and fortunate for the experiences I have had and the impact that they have had on me. Witnessing these fantastic deeds has changed my outlook and I firmly believe more young people should witness them too.