Teen Talk for September 10, 2013

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Obesity is on the rise among young people in the UK and will continue to be if action isn’t taken.

I believe that it’s important to raise awareness of the dangers of being obese at a young age.

Also, I spoke to a few young people regarding how they feel about individuals, especially youngsters, with regards to maintaining good health and doing frequent exercise.

Once someone is at the stage of being obese, the most challenging thing is to go back to an average BMI (Body Mass Index).

Obesity at a young age isn’t a health risk that may just go – it will have long-term effects.

By this I mean an increase in illness such as heart disease, higher probability of stroke and maybe even a chance of developing diabetes later in life.

Being healthy doesn’t prevent this but reduces the chances.

As young people, it is very important to know that we must maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

I don’t mean that we need to abolish McDonald’s and KFC from our lives, but just to be careful in how often we eat them.

It’s important to feed our bodies good foods like fruit and veg and aim to eat at least five a day.

Anna Harris, 17, from Southsea, who is the Chairwoman of Portsmouth Youth Parliament, said: ‘I think that the benefits of being healthy as young people are undeniable, not just physically but mentally too.’

She added: ‘The endorphins that are released from exercising and the satisfaction of getting the correct nutrients from a healthy meal make you much happier.’

Frequent physical activity 
is very important in our lifestyles.

Running, jogging, swimming, football, tennis, walking, anything that gets our heart pumping, is great to ensure that our bodies remain in good health.

Let’s not forget that if you’re under 16, you can swim for free in Portsmouth. There is something active available for everyone.

Elliot Lyons, 16, from Milton said: ‘I think that exercising and keeping fit is really important.

‘With us being young, we are still growing so, it is even more important as it has an impact on our future health.’

Are you someone who isn’t overly active? Or maybe you know of someone who may be in this situation.

If this is the case, work towards being more active or encourage people to do so.